Powder paint furnace

It must be designed in the best way beyond argument and have maximum homogenous heat distribution. The paint furnace takes the place in the facility after the paint cabinet and its size is determined by capacity and product. Their types are as follows:

We may collect under 3 titles as Tunnel type, U- Turn and M-Turn. Tunnel furnaces are generally designed to paint long materials. The U-Turn Furnaces can burn the paint of shorter products and M-Turn Furnaces can burn the paint of smaller products. The important thing is to select the most convenient type to the position of the work and to the suitability of the place. Homogenous heat distribution is the required thing for the furnace method. If the homogeneity was not right, it would be observed that it crumbled in the strike and scratch tests e.g. after a 2 m part was taken out from a furnace, as the upper parts would be burned and cured and as lower parts would be burned because they didn’t reach to the adequate heat. Besides, the heat was not distributed though it is the same part. Our company has proved the sensibility in this matter with the heat graphics and strike tests made in the facilities. We pride ourselves on presenting the homogenous heat distribution as well efficiency of the energy with air curtain and thermo-block system developed by us in Tunnel and U-type furnaces.

Powder paint furnace Types

Box Type Electrostatic Powder Paint Furnace
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U-Turn Electrostatic Powder Paint Furnace
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Tunnel Type Electrostatic Powder Paint Furnace

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Electrostatic Powder Paint Furnace Internal Conveyor
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