Who are we?

Our biggest concern is to perform conventional one in a usual way as Deka Makina. Deka Makina succeeded this state by means of struggling to produce more superior machines than machines produced in our brief history.  The secret of the success is to make better apart from profit-loss account and it finalizes this by means of the non-compromising principle. The innovations particularly in the furnaces are based on fuel economy.

Due to the fact that the fuel (energy) is unfortunately expensive in our country, the manufacturer is seriously affected. We, as Deka Makina, have developed a system that economizes the fuel approximately 30% with our invention that we made in thermo-block and firing chamber after significant work and experiments in order to relieve the burden of the producing companies.

We pride ourselves on presenting this innovation to our customers. It is dear customers’ requests that shall carry us one more step forward.

Note: If your thermo-block firing chamber is going red and the walls of the firing chamber are getting warmer, no matter which brand your facility is, you should communicate with us, because a big fuel loss is in question.