Powder Paint Cabinet

The pre-painting preparation of the product that is removed from oil in the spray line, phosphated and dried in the drying furnace shall have been completed and ready for the painting. The object of the painting cabinet is to undertake the services that cannot be minimized contrarily should be attached importance, such like human health, environmental cleaning, biological cleaning, cleaning of fabric environment. Unfortunately some of the buying and selling companies do not pay attention to the fan and the filter, simplify the matter and lay the foundation of uncoverable disasters for human health and environmental cleaning such like biological pollution by performing paint cabinet that is the most important section of the facility with cheap and unwell fan. When the producing company makes the actual presentation, since the price appears to be expensive it has to produce cabinets in a lower level and the working places harm to their surroundings with paint powder.

Double type cabinets are designed in order to perform the application of simultaneous painting of front and back side of the product through them with constant velocity. These cabinets can operate continuously either manually by two users or with gunned tribo system or with a robot system operating vertically.

Motor systems should be selected in a higher level due to the spraying paint with 4 continuous guns in tribo and corona systems, otherwise paint powder shall free out of the cabinet. The paint powder that is thrown so intensely is recycled by sieving to the main storage from within cabinet of the paint. The filters used in the cabinets should be cleaned and stored out of humidity and warm media in a big closed plastic bags otherwise the paint on the filters shall harden and make them unusable. The most important and last step of the paint facility is “paint burning furnace”.


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